Friday, April 17, 2009

A "Post Christian Nation"

Reacting to the article in last week's Newsweek magazine, Bill Schuler lays out a list of things that if stopped would lead to a post christian nation. Here is the scarry part, most of us are way ahead of him. We have allowed the world to make us believe that our relationship with Jesus is to be carried out for an hour each Sunday morning, sometimes not even then. Then we look around and wonder why the world is like it is.

If we truly want to see this world changed we must make Shuler's list a to do list, in other words, pray more than than just at meals. Embrace Jesus over religion, read and believe the Bible, share the good news of Jesus Christ, embrace the poor, and the list goes on. Jesus showed us how to do it, let's follow His example.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Being Wished Happy Easter

This week I have been told to have a good holiday, Happy Easter, stop putting the wrong mail in my box. The one about the wrong mail in the box is self explanatory, but I am not sure about Happy Easter. The good holiday is just from people that really do not know any better, but what about Happy Easter? I think that happy may be a bit weak as the reponse we should have.

That morning for the ladies on their way to Jesus' grave began with sorrow, as they were going to finish the burial procedures. There was uncertainity about how they would roll the stone away, and if they would be harrased by the guards. That became confusion when they got there and the stone was already rolled away. Fear showed up as they entered to find 2 angels, and the body gone. Matthew tells us that after the angels told them that Jesus had risen from the dead, they hurry away afraid yet filled with joy. When they see Jesus they fall at his feet and worship Him.

That is why I think happy is weak. This was more than happiness, it was a joyous occasion that was taking place that day. When you think about happiness, I can be happy one moment sad the next. The idea of joy runs much deeper, you can have that sense of joy even in the darkest times. The joy they were experiencing then was an everlasting joy that they are still experiencing in Heaven today. Maybe I am nit picking a little, but I hope you have a joyous Easter that continues into eternity.

He is no here He has Risen. Amen.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Go O's

Hope springs eternal, tomorrow is opening day of baseball. Everyone is tied for first, or has some of my pessimistic friends like to say in regards to the Orioles, last. I have followed the O's since I was a kid. watched them win a world series, watched them blow one they should have won. Stuck with them through an 0 for 21 start.

Watched them close Memorial Stadium and was at Camden Yards the first month it was opened. For the last 11 years I have gone into the season with the idea if such and such happens they could surprise some people. They haven't. Although there could be a light at the end of the tunnel, hoping it is not a freight train.

I think they have turned the corner, not this year, but help is on the way. As this year progresses you will begin to see the youngsters brought up. By the middle to end of next year you will the staff of the future, maybe the outfield of the future, and I think a plan in place to keep the Orioles heading in the right direction for years to come. As usual I look forward to this year starting, and for the first time in a while will probably be just as interested in September as the help begins to arrive.

Go O's.