Saturday, February 6, 2010

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Remember that? It was part of the theme song for the show Cheers, which was a bar set in Boston. The idea was it was a place where everybody knows your name, thereby making you accepted or a part of something. That is really what most people crave, just to be accepted, to be a part of something. We will go back to those places or people that make us feel that way.

Some of us might be surprised to find out that according to a recent survey people say most churches are not a place that is accepting, a place that makes you feel welcomed. It is time we take a long hard look at how we deal with people that come in our churches. It is time to become a place where everybody knows your name. Click on the title if you would like to see the article.

Postponing Church

That is always a hard decision. We use to live next door to the church and I always told folks, I will be here and you are the one who has to decide if you can make it or not. Now living an hour away makes it a hard decision. This weekend was not to hard, 2 feet of snow tends to make it easier. Last week was tough and after deciding to close I spent the next day thinking that was a mistake. I hope this is the last time this winter we have to worry about this. I say all that to say, all services are postponed at Edgemere Bible Church on Sunday February 7.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Navy Choir and Bluegrass?

Not two things that you would think of in the same sentence, but it works. Check it out.