Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Real Reason For Easter -- Revelation Song

As we go into Easter, remember what it is that Jesus has done for us. Because of His death and resurrection we have a way to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Have a Blessed Easter.

Friday, March 19, 2010

What Does The Bible Say About.....

What does the Bible say about...., that question comes up every once in a while. It is usually someone I work with that will ask about a certain situation, and it is interesting to watch how they respond. A few months ago I threw that out to our church, I asked them to write down anything that they would like to know what the has to say in regards to that topic. I did the same on Wednesday night with the kids we have coming in from the community, and we got some interesting responses. On Sundays we are working through these each week.

We have dealt with things like wealth, prosperity theology, angels, and demons. The last few week we began a progression from the topics that we put in, it started with Why do bad things happen to good people, last week we looked at death & dying, the next two weeks will be dealing with Heaven and Hell. Which will lead us up to Easter. If you would like to hear what the Bible has to say about these topics, click the title above and it will take you to Edgemere Bible Church's website. If you are in the Edgemere area feel free to join us as we look at What Does The Bible Say About.....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

Wouldn't it be nice just to hear God's booming voice proclaiming what we are to do, but it does not happen that way. This little girl asks her dad a question that many of us would like the answer to as well. Click on the title above to read the article.

Dooley, By The Darlings

Hard to believe it is March already, but here is the song of the month. If you watch the Andy Griffith show from time to time you saw the Darling family, they were a family that lived in the mountains and played some good music. Actually the pickers were played by the Dillards, a group from that time. Sit back and enjoy.