Monday, October 11, 2010

Problem with the Post Office

In case you have not heard the Post Office is in a bit of financial situation.  In fact according to Jack Potter, Postmaster General, it will be broke by next year this time.  There a lot of reasons for this, and this article gives a great example of one of them.  Click on the title above and see just how insane some of the rules are that the Post Office has to work under.

Let me add another thought, in the conversations about the Post Office everyone wants someone else to make sacrifices.  I have no problem with that, in the 18 months I have gone to only getting a day off every other week and taking a $1800 pay cut.  Now it is time for others, the upper management, congress, and the public, to make sacrifices as well. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Song Of The Month- Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Not really bluegrass but I like the idea of sitting out in the field playing the banjo. Enjoy.

How Clear Is Your Gospel Presentation?

I have been talking with over the last few months, the struggle is am I really saved?  At one point he believed, but then got caught up in somethings that pulled him away from the church and living a Christian life.  Which brings us to the last few months, he has looked at how maybe he was never saved, or maybe lost his salvation.  We finally got to a point where he nailed this down, but today he came back with can it be that easy.  Grace is just that a free gift, and when presented correctly it can cause some to wonder is it this easy, or will it not allow people to sin.  Click on the title above and ask yourself how clear is your gospel presentation.