Saturday, February 21, 2009

God's Financial Advice

Money seems to have be the hot topic recently, and usually the word lost is connected. How much money has your 401k lost? How much value has your house lost? Since I lost my job we have no money. It just seems to be getting worse. There is a financial guy I listen to each Saturday while delivering mail, and he said today there are some things that have happened in this recession that has never happened before. He just keeps saying it has to hit bottom sooner or later. Even the experts are not sure of what is to come.

Here is an interesting contrast, the One who does know what is coming speaks about finances as well. His advice is to keep on investing, but not necessarily in the stock market. We are to keep investing in His work. I know that flies in the face of conventional wisdom, our thought at the present is sock it away save all we can. To do this we stop spending, looking for ways to save money. We also stop giving, charities say their resources are running out.

It is alright to save, to spend less, God's word reinforces that. It also tells us to keep giving, take a moment to sit down and read Malachi 3:6-12. When you look at those verses you see we can not afford to stop giving. Here is the real question we have to ask in this, which do we trust money or God?

Friday, February 13, 2009


There is a debate that has been raging for a while, and it involves life. When does it begin, when does it end? Am I someone special, or does it really matter if I am here or not? This week the issue we are dealing with is life, and we will deal with some of the statements that I have already listed.

Abortion, suicide, euthanasia are all topics that are being dealt with in congress and in society. Whether you realize it or not the Bible does talk about life, and it addresses some of these very topics. Join us at Edgemere Bible Church as we talk about this issue, and if you would like to comment feel free.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Marriage Peripherals

When we think of peripherals it usually causes us to think of something that is on the side, not overly important. If you watched the Superbowl last Sunday you were one of 90 million people who watched. That is a fact, but it has no bearing on the game.

When we look at marriage we think a lot of things are peripheral, but they may have a bigger impact than we ever thought. Ever thought about how friends play an important part in our marriage? Do you know there are parasites at work? How about some of the habits we have, think they affect our marriage? We will be looking at the marriage peripherals on Sunday. Missed this sermon, click on the title above. If you have a thought to add feel free. See you Sunday.